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      1. 圖片展示


        Responsibility Practice




        Green And Environmental


        Yingchao ceramic which as a modern ecological permeable brick manufacturer, with advanced all automatic NG sealed kiln, greatly reduces the energy consumption and pollution when producing. The environmental function is completely in conformity with reducing carbon emissions of our country.

        The Road Will "Breath"


        Yingchao produces the permeable brick by automated production lines in natural gas, greatly reduces energy consumption and pollution while producing. Its Environmental protection function is completely in conformity with our country’s Strategy of energy conservation and emissions reduction.




        City Six Major Elements



        Combining urban vertical elevation with engineering facilities, waterlogging prevention facilities with natural stream system, and surface drainage with escape canal, realizes general emission and over-standard rainwater emission.






        Eight functions of products




        Four Characteristics






        Yingchao ceramic permeable brick is made from special inorganic materials burning in 1280 centigrade, with huge pore pipelines outside and inside, mighty water absorption capacity ( its coefficient of permeability over 3.0x10-2cm/s, which is far beyond the products in this market both here and aboard), being able to deal with the rainfall of 60-65mm/h.

        2、Water retention


        The permeable brick can save huge rainfall (over 60kh/square meter) with its pore pipelines after paving, greatly reduces output volume of urban pipeline runoff, and improves city Waterlogging phenomenon efficiently. It evaporates moisture under the sunshine in order to reduce the heat of field surface and regulate the humidity of air, and provide human a comfortable green life space.


        3、Duty-cycle operation


        The permeable brick can solve the problems in city construction such as ice stone cement/asphalt/stone-liked tile could not be used again because of the construction, then make solid waste pollution and increase the burden of municipal construction cost. With its unique paving way and design, it can prevent the phenomenon of source waste and produce good economic benefit and society benefit.


        4、Crushing resistance,freezing tolerance and wind resistance


        Made from inorganic materials, burned in 1280 centigrade high-temperature, and pressed by large-tonnage double press machine, it is the products with strong compressive strength (≥50MPa), rupture strength, weathering resistance, and freezing resistance which reach the country standard, would not be broken, peeled off and full of crakes in the condition of ±25℃ in 50 times, while its strength loss rate ≤3%. It is the ideal outdoor floor products.




        Eight functions of products




        Eight functions of products



        1、Municipal works paving


        the paving way of permeable brick can ensure abundant underground water resources in the district, reduce rainfall flow into other places, solve seasonal drought.

        2、Garden paving


        A、Beautify the garden, fill the garden integral color missing, work in concern with color of vegetation.

        B、Maintain humidity of the earth of garden because of its high permeability, reduce water losing, therefore the vegetation can grow better.

        C、The permeable brick made after high-press strength, stands wear and tear, would not cast off and fade, reduces the maintaining cost.

        3、Drainage application


        It can make the rest moisture flow into the underground pipe from its inside to outside then into the river, meanwhile ensure the quality of district environment, and realize green environment protection.



        Construction Process



        1. Check and ensure the roadbed is flat and fully rolled


        1. Cover crushed stones whose diameter is ≤40mm for 100mm thickness, then compacted with vibration machine
        1. Cover the non-woven fabrics onto the stone avoiding soil layer separating, and the part of their interfaces should be overlapped in 100mm


        1. Cover the sands for buffer


        1. The thickness of the sands should be 35mm, after using the roller press machine compacting the sands at 30-40m/minute for 3-5 times



        1. Regulate the flatness and height of the sands
        1. Pave the permeable brick.  Make the datum line matching with horizontal line after fixed the horizontal line forming right angles. To adjust  the height with rubber hammer if the height difference is over ±3mm between surface height and paving measure height.
        1. Regulate sand mortar joint.  Use driver regulating the point locations in order to form the straight-line gaps.

        Broom the Sand mortar joint into the mortar joint.



        1. ress the permeable bricks and mortar joint firmly.  pasting the rubber cover under the roller press machine, then use the roller press machine pressing 30-40mm/minutes at 3-5 times. If the height of the permeable bricks after paved is different, it should hammers them into the same height with rubber hammer.
        1. After clean the bricks surface, sprinkling water can solidify the mortar joint. The permeable bricks cannot be walked on after finished paved. They should be covered if rains.

        General Construction Methods



        General Road Construction Methods

        General construction methods

        The construction methods of Yingchao’s permeable brick is same with chain brick’s. it should be cover a layer of non-woven fabric on the subbase in order to prevent the buffer sands layer running off.

        It is very important of the condition of subbase pressing. If the pressing condition is not good will trigger uneven surface.

        Use the river sands as layer of buffer.

        The thickness should be 20mm-30mm.

        Fully pressed by vibration machine.

        Keep the top of brick for design section.

        Pave the bricks according the design chart.

        Scatter the mortar joint sands in equably (no. 4/ no.5 silica sands).

        The permeable bricks should be pressed firmly with the roller press machine, especially the sides and the end of the machine.

        Pls don’t use vibration compactor which will break the bricks.


        Construxtuin Guidance For Special Occasions




        About us | products | project  | news


        WeChat official account

        CONKACT US


        E-mail: winni209@163.com
        Whatsapp: 0086-13794027808

        Product Base: No. 1 District B, Yunlong Ceramics Case, Heyun Town, Qingxin County, Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province.

        Company Address: Taobo Avenue, Huaxia Ceramics Expo City, Nanzhuang Town, Foshan City, Guangdong Province.

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